So I have been working on a new script which uses Python and Shodan API to allow you to search the web for mis-configured devices.

For example;

Shodan has detected about 1531095 results (URL’s) with some form of ‘default configurations’ described within the headers.

HTTP/1.0 401
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 12:00:00 GMT
WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm=”Default password:1234″

 So out of  1531095 results, how many do you think still have the default credentials?

This is where I decided to make a script that can do primarily 2 things.
  1. Search Shodan via the command line using the API
  2. Test each result for false positives and return only those which the program has successfully been able to login to the device using the given default credentials.
My script cant be found here over at my pastebin

I am new to working with Python so any amendments to my script to make it better, please let me know :)

Until i update the script again, another night, not right now.

you will need to create a text file called “creds.txt”
Within it simple add:


That is purely because i realised i forgot to make the script generate that file for you. So create that file if your wanting to use the Hydra module. Thanks.


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